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A Few Monkies Short of a Barrel [entries|friends|calendar]
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Huh. [15 May 2010|02:01am]
I guess I'm doing it. (Quitting smoking or whatever.) Every minute I'm all, "Nice work, chum! Let us commemorate this moment with a cig- ... oh yeah."

What do normal people do for <hr>'s?
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Well I haven't done this in a few years... [14 Feb 2010|10:38am]
Happy Valentine's Day!Collapse )
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To Clarify... [14 Oct 2009|05:40pm]
In case it was unclear from my last post (though I can't imagine it was!), I have decided to properly dress up for Halloween for the first time since I was a kid. I'm gonna be a mad scientist! This is exciting because it's my childhood dream (like actually being one, not dressing up...), and is apparently appropriate for the goth/industrial event I'll be attending.

I'm actually getting pretty psyched, and did another concept sketch. I think I actually like the sketchy/stylized one better, but this is better for planning... Hopefully I will move past the planning stage, and enter the Doing Shit stage REALLY soon so I can put something decent together.

So Whatcha All Think?Collapse )
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Doesn't ACTUALLY think any of you are fools...but will nonetheless show you, will SHOW YOU ALL!!!! [04 Oct 2009|08:13am]
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Huh. [07 Sep 2009|05:36am]
I'm a little drunk. But it's been happening even when I'm not, I just wouldn't bring it up then. I feel like something weird is happening. Like it (like, IT it) is asking me: progress or regress? Either way works, both are viable, both are acceptable. AND I actually can choose. That's kind of weird, hey?
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Vancouver Fun Facts! [12 Jul 2009|09:01pm]
VPD officers seize an average of one machete on the streets every day, said McGuinness.

I realize I'm giving no context on the news story here, but the story was rather horrifying, so I'll digress.
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Thief At Heart [23 May 2009|02:50am]
I don't know why, but everytime I'm on my balcony and I see a raccoon, whether he's just shuffling along, poking through garbage, or climbing a tree (hee!), I can't help but giggle like a schoolgirl and cry out "RaccoooOOON!" at least once. That's probably not normal.
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Um. Hi! [04 Jul 2008|08:17pm]
I've probably just read too much H. P. Lovecraft, but seriously, is it me or does every point in this article titled 'Mystery cave opened at Mexican pyramid' shriek with sinister certainty that they look where man's eyes were never meant to stray, and will unleash some primordial terror that reigned in untold epochs before our ancestors even took to land?!

Anyhoo. I can't believe another three months have gone by! Things are going well except for, you know, hints of a singular evil poised ready to tear out the heart of humanity's collective safety and sanity :P Also I got a bed!

Work! Going well. I've been getting a little lazy, the inevitable outcome of a laid back work environment combined with me being really, really lazy. If I can get my shit together just a little bit, though, I might be able to take a solid step forward. That was vague. Specifically I meant a more senior role in future projects.

Movies! I've been watching more lately, a couple a week. My favourite new one is Jumper, in large part because of how cool the teleportation effect is. It really makes me want to learn how to teleport. Or maybe learn enough about special effects to duplicate the effect, but that's completely unrealistic.

Booze! I'm drinking more. Not like wild partying, rather coming home and having a drink or two or three. Probably not the greatest idea, but it does seem to make it easier to just relax instead of freaking out about every little thing. Although maybe I should freak out a little when it comes to stagnation, though historically the result is more stress than actual progress. Anyways, it's alright for now.

Summer! In full effect, and pretty f'ing sweet. And holy cow, Vancouver women are gorgeous. There's a serious risk of walking distractedly into parked cars, or tripping over someone's dog at every turn. I've played basketball a handful of times with coworkers at lunch. I'm not very good, but it's alot of fun and a decent workout. Also, ladies love a man with a jumpshot. I'm going to try and get out more consistently, once or twice a week.

Vacation! One of my best friends from high school is getting married on August 10th! Very exciting. So I'll be home in and around then, before heading Toronto-ish way for family stuff for my aunt's 50th birthday (the 20th I believe). That reminds me, I should probably look at plane tickets. Also, ask for the time off work.

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And Here I Thought The Third One Was "A Young Man's Fancy Turns To Love" [29 Mar 2008|06:00pm]
Aaah, nothing says Spring like the birds a'chirping, the flowers blooming...and stepping daintily through six inch deep pools of slush?

WTF, Vancouver.
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Huh. [17 Feb 2008|11:41pm]
I just saw some dude out walking his cat. Like, it wasn't on a leash, and it was heeling. It would wander a little ways off, poke around, then catch up and continue walking beside him. That's really strange, right?
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Sky Is Falling [11 Jan 2008|08:40pm]
So this morning I'm running a little behind, so I catch a cab to work. We're driving through downtown, and as we pass by a construction site the car suddenly gets showered. It was really quick, over pretty much as I became aware of what was happening, but within a second or two, as I half-saw bits of something raining down on us, the sound went from hail, to gravel, to actual solid impacts, to the rear window semi-shattering (totally shattered, but still in one piece - thank you safety glass!)

We were both sort of like "What the fuck." and he pulled over, and I'm thinking blasting that went horribly wrong, but I heard him talking to one of the construction guys and they said it was broken glass. Broken glass, falling fast enough to leave dents in the body and smash the window!

At the time I was still dazed and numb and sleepy eyed, thinking more along the lines of goddamnit now I'm going to be late, it would have been quicker to take the bus, do I still have to pay or what's happening. Now I just keep thinking holy shit, it's lucky no one was walking by just then, because jesus. Scary stuff o_O
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Solo-Clubbing Is Poor Company Indeed [08 Sep 2007|01:39am]
I am drowning in bittersweetness. It looks like I will be moving to Vancouver in just under two weeks! I can't decide if I should be really excited or really sad so I think I will be both. Also moderately drunk.
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Half Digested [31 Aug 2007|09:20pm]
Stuff has happened.

Vacation was fantastically awesome, and way too short. I wish I had kidnapped everybody and smuggled them back out here with me. The plan is to stay in better touch and not wait 11 months before the next visit.

Procrastination and weirdo flight pricing meant the trip from Minneapolis to Calgary direct was about $500 more than one that stopped over in Vegas. So basically I lost $100 in two roulette spins, and swore to return with more than 5 hours to kill.

When I left work, our team was six people. Now it's me and two other dudes, and the plan is to ship us out to Vancouver to partner with another company. So, unless they decide it would just be easier to replace us than relocate us, I will probably be there within a month.

These certainly are interesting and exciting times. I have no idea what the hell is going on!
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Oh Yeah I'm Visiting [27 Jul 2007|08:50pm]
Hey guys! I am going to be flying around for vacation and weddings and shit in one week! I would like to see everyone I know repeatedly. Let's get the drunken cakes and midnight steaks and good times rolling.

I will be in Dartmouth, August 4th to 12th-ish. I may be in Toronto, for a day or two in the August 12-14 region.

After that it's gonna be Chicago I think, then Minnesota, and back to Calgary (assuming I get off my ass and get my passport - elsewise I may just end up in lockdown at the Minneapolis International Airport).

I hope the bolding makes me appear to be a tour of some sort. ATTEND.
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Miss Many Heads And The Muffin Cycle & Other Tales Of Intrigue [09 Jun 2007|05:17pm]
The other day I got a piece of misdirected mail, which sat on my desk for about four days before I remembered to bring it back to the mail boxes. On the way down I noticed it was addressed to a Miss Lindsay Many Heads. Someday I hope to meet a Miss Many Heads of my very own <3

Eggs come in packs of six, as do english muffins. I like making Eggy Muffiny things, two at a time, so I use two eggs and two muffins. All is well and right in the world. Until one day I decided to make an omelette. Oh what dark, maligned forces could steer me to such indiscretion! Alas, the Muffin Cycle is broken! I am forever doomed to have either four extra eggs, or two extra engmuffs :(

Life is mostly good. Some stress, with occasional going crazy. I got a raise, and think I'm going to sign another six months on my apartment. If so, I will celebrate by buying a frikkin' couch already and having a house-warming, six months after moving in o_O

Man oh man re: girls. Nothing noteworthy, just somehow even MORE confusion. I'm getting more confident and better at talking to pretties, though.

I got a hair cut. At a salon. I was like Weird, she's going to cut my hair into a sink? then she starts washing it and I was like WTF?! What is- Ooooo. Hahaha.

I play drums everyday and still suck but am getting alot better and holy fuck are they ever fun. I am still rocking the chopstache.

This post was generated by Mikey's Inanity Generator v0.9
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WTF. [03 Jun 2007|09:02pm]
LJ is being weird and not letting me post more than like a paragraph o_O I guess life updates will have to wait D:
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I Am So Buying One. [03 Jun 2007|08:59pm]
Okay, watch this video. This guy is freaking incredible. Like, fuck. I can't stop watching it over and over again O_O

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Stoking The Neighbours. [18 Apr 2007|09:25pm]
I got drums! Electronic drums, that is, so my neighbours don't stab me. They're probably still mildly to moderately annoying for the people below me, but hopefully I get to keep them :o

I'm too lazy to copy and host the image, so I'll just link you to the page: Yamaha DTXPRESS IV. I also got a double-bass pedal for maximum rock-out potential.

They're fun and I like them and I can't play for shit.
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Reverse Chronological. [13 Apr 2007|07:34pm]
I'm quitting smoking today! (Again.) Also, BTW, I started smoking again in mid January. That is all!
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Happy Chocolate Bunny Day! [08 Apr 2007|01:12pm]
I planned on going out with workmates on Friday and drum shopping with Jeff yesterday, but everyone bailed on me! My low-key weekend was great though, and seemed really long without a Day of Hangovering.

I read up a ton on computational physics and numerical analysis (yes, that's my idea of fun o__O), which I've researched before, but could not make sense of. That had made me feel like somehow my learning ability had been compromised, which is maybe the scariest thing I can imagine.

It turns out that it's just really fucking complicated, but I'm finally starting to grasp it. I think I found crumbs of forgotten dreams, lost behind the sofa of day-to-day life and worries. I wanna be a mad scientist again!

And now I have to go eat chocolate until I throw up. Happy Zombie Jesus weekend!
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